Modern dialysis machines



The flexible solution

Dialysis System DBB-07








The increasing medical needs for customized highly effective treatment methodes with decreasing reimbursement requires flexible and highly reliable dialysis systems.

The DBB-07 expand your range of highly efficient methods of treatment without significant increase in cost.

The user interface, which is identical to the ones of DBB-05 and DBB-06, ensures a quick and easy learning of the system, less need for training, and a seamless integration into an existing NIKKISO machine pool.

With this system’s options, you choose what you need.

The variants specification allows you considering the cost, the system will adapt to the different needs of your patients.

The use of conventional supplies frees you in your selection from the wide range of different providers.

Eco-friendly concentrate-, water- and energy-saving mode.

Types of Therapies & Potentials

  • Online HDF/HF in pre- and postdilution mode

  • Double filter (cascade) for dialysis fluid and substitution fluid

  • ISO-UF (sequential)

  • Single-Needle (double or / and single pump)

  • UF, Total and bicarbonate conductivity profiles

Technical Characteristics & Functionalities

  • Dialyser inlet blood pressure monitoring (clotting prevention)

  • Electric level adjustment in the extracorporeal chambers

  • Holder for standard bicarbonate cartridges

  • Serial data interface/ connection for nurse call

  • Clearly visible status display

  • Battery backup of extracorporeal circuit

  • External scale – HDF/HF/AFBF (Acetate Free Bio Filtration) with substitution fluid bags

  • Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC) with download tool – Blood volume measurement with active regulation of the UF rate and conductivity in the dialysis fluid

  • Blood pressure monitor (BPM) – continuous measurement with display of the blood pressure course on the monitor, automatic deactivation of the UF rate when the selected limits are reached

  • Dialysis Dose Monitor (Kt/V)

  • Central concentrate system fort two concentrate connections (CCS)

  • Dialysis fluid leakage sensor

  • Network – integration of the dialysis system into the clinic network



The efficient solution

Dialysis System DBB-05

Types of Therapies

  • Hemodialysis with Acetate

  • Haemodialysis with bicarbonate concentrate with bicarbonate in solution or powder

  • Single needle (double pump or single pump)

  • Schedule isolated ultrafiltration (sequential ultrafiltration)

  • Online Ainos (inter) filtration

  • Ainos (inter) filtration yoke

  • Biofiltration free acetates

  • Distribution (profile) ultrafiltration (UF), and sodium bicarbonate

Key Features

  • The operation and security based on microprocessors

  • Single needle double or single pump

  • Checking blood pressure at entry dialysis filter

  • Home dialysis solution providing up to two connections simultaneously

  • Online calculation of Kt / V

  • Filter for ultra-pure dialysis solution

  • Power level adjustment in the chambers of the extracorporeal circuit

  • Serial interface data

  • Log warning system for nurses

  • Based on the classic cartridges bicarbonate

  • Αυτοδιαγνωστικός έλεγχος

  • Program integrated service with dnatotita analysis function

  • Clear status indication